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Area residents targeted by text phishing scam



ANDOVER- A number of area banks have reported that their customers are being targeted by phishing scams. At least two financial institutions sent messages this week over social media that indicated that there were problems with unscrupulous people trying to gain money in an illegal manner.

Meritrust Credit Union reported that some of their customers were among those who were victims:

“Attention members: if you receive a suspicious text message appearing to be from Meritrust that asks for you to call with your debit card number, please be advised this may be a phishing attempt. Meritrust will never contact you in attempt to obtain sensitive information. We advise that you do not respond or provide any information, but instead contact us at 800.342.9278 immediately to confirm its validity.”

Capitol Federal also said they had problems reported to them as well:

“Please be aware, there is a new text message phishing scam in the area. This specific phishing attempt sends a text message to mobile phone users indicating that unusual activity has occurred on their account. The phone number could appear to come from a local area code. Please do NOT call this number or provide any personal information. This is not a message from CapFed®. For more information on this scam and other phishing help, please visit: https://capfed.com/privacy-and-security/fraud-alerts



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