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Damage Minimal In Nursing Home Fire

PHOTO: El Dorado Fire Department/Chad Whittenberg

Lakepoint Nursing Home residents in El Dorado had their Tuesday night activities interrupted when a small electrical fire broke out in the ceiling of a commons area.

The small fire prompted residents to move behind fire doors, but shelter in place to avoid the cold temperatures outside.

Administrator Christie Underwood said the fire was easily knocked out without water causing little damage to the home. Some phone and other electric lines were damaged, but fixed by Wednesday afternoon.

The HAVAC unit Underwood believes caused the fire was inspected Wednesday afternoon. A few damaged ceiling tiles will have to be replaced.

El Dorado fire department responded around 7:20 p.m. and had the fire knocked down within 15 minutes of arrival, fire marshal Joe Haag said. A few firefighters stayed to watch the area for a couple of hours to make sure there were no other flair ups.

Haag said the facility is inspected annual to help prevent issues like this, but sometimes things happen.

The staff at Lakepoint drill on fire safety every month.

“Our staff reacted so quickly that we were able to save any extensive damage,” Underwood said. “There’s some smoke smell still, but it will be gone in a couple of days. We were very lucky and the team responded fabulously!”

She said the way her staff responded to the fire was reassuring. They were able to keep residents in their rooms and behind a firewall instead of evacuating.

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