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El Dorado hosts trench rescue training seminar

EL DORADO — Rescue squads from across the county joined forces Wednesday night for training behind EMS and Fire station 1 in El Dorado. On the agenda, trench rescues.

EMS director Chad Pore said while trench rescues are not something that commonly occurs in the county, time is critical. Timing was something rescue squads from El Dorado, Augusta, and Rose Hill worked on extensively during the training.

Because each trench collapse provides it’s own set of challenges, crews must build custom wooden stabilization structures to prevent further collapse as they attempt to dig and individual out. Wednesday night an individual was placed in a simulated trench collapse and crews had to cut lumber from what was provided on a trailer to create supports to rescue the person.

“Each time there is a trench rescue we have to customize the stabilization of the trench to protect both the patient and the rescuers,” Pore said in a social media video showing part of the training. “The important thing tonight is having multiple groups work together to make sure this is a resource that is available across the county. Our response times would be too extended if we didn’t have them there. We want to make sure the residents of the county have the best resources they can.”



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