Kurt Helber, El Dorado

HELBER, JR., KURT RINEHOLD, 86, was a very active, well known person. He loved doing his paper routes for the El Dorado Times and had a passion for baseball and worked as a ball retriever for the teams at El Dorado stadium.

Since approximately 2003 a lot of changes occurred for Kurt. He met and married Delta Kay Koehn and had several step children and grandchildren through her. She passed away on January 16, 2011. Through some unknown injury incident he had lost tract of and memory of some of his original family but in 2016 his nephew Brian Wiese found and called us. He get to talk to and exchange pictures with Kurt. We found Kurt’s parents were Kurt and Clara Helber; he had a brother Carl; sister Marge; sister Ruth Ann; and brother Bob. Marge is the only surviving sibling known; Bob’s whereabouts were unknown. Kurt has several nieces and nephews from this side.

In 2017 Kurt got to meet and spend time with his biological son Robert Wayne Giesbrecht and his loving family. Through Robert we learned the names of Kurt’s biological twin boys whose whereabouts are unknown. They were born on December 18, 1981 and were named Edward Allen and William Eddie Helber.

Kurt passed away quietly on September 3, 2017 and left behind a very big family who will miss him.

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