Lady Wildcats sweep Mulvane, Collegiate

Score Summary

El Dorado 2, Mulvane 0 (25-21, 25-19)
El Dorado 2, Collegiate 1 (18-25, 25-18, 25-19)

MULVANE – The El Dorado Lady Wildcats saw momentum swing their way Tuesday night at Mulvane, defeating their fellow Lady Wildcats, and then going on in a second match to beat Wichita Collegiate in three sets.

The first match saw the Lady Wildcats’ Lexee Hughey make a statement as her three kills put El Dorado up 10-5 over Mulvane. The opponent would then hit the volleyball into the next three different times to give the Lady Wildcat lead. El Dorado went on to score one more point off a Hollie Gregg kill before Mulvane coach Jesse Kollmeyer would call her first timeout of the night.

Out of the break, the two teams would trade points, with El Dorado taking a 15-8 lead off a kill from freshman Jamison McCaig. After going back and forth El Dorado would reel off five unanswered points that included two respective kills from Gregg and McCaig. El Dorado would hold Mulvane scoreless after the final timeout, winning the first set 25-19.

In the second set, both teams would trade points until Lexee Hughee’s first kill gave El Dorado their first lead of the night, going ahead 3-2. Gregg contributed two more kills as both teams battled to a 6-6 tie. The Lady Wildcats pushed forward to a 14-10 lead thanks to a kill from Carly Clennan, and several Mulvane mistakes. The opponent would battle back at that point to tie the game at 14-14, but then El Dorado pushed ahead with four more unanswered points. The Lady Wildcats would continue with a three point lead on average, before a final timeout was called by Mulvane at the 24-21 mark.

A final kill from sophomore Erin Wranosky would put the game away for El Dorado, giving them a 2-0 final score in the match.

El Dorado vs. Collegiate

The Lady Wildcats would go into their second match of the night fired up, as El Dorado took an immediate 3-1 lead thanks to back-to-back kills from Hughey, McCaig, and Clennan. Collegiate would take the momentum back though, going up 12-7 before the first timeout of the set was called by El Dorado Coach Chelsea Helena. The Lady Wildcats would come out of the break with two immediate points that included a kill from Hughey, but Collegiate held the lead for several more serves. Hughey and Clennan would both have kills that helped El Dorado come back within two, trailing 16-14.

Collegiate powered forward to a 20-16 lead heading into the final timeout of the match, and would hold El Dorado to two more points in the set, getting their first win of the night 25-18.

El Dorado came back in the second set and scored their first point on another Carly Clennan kill. Both teams would trade points, but factor in two more from Lexee Hughey, and the Lady Wildcats were suddenly up 4-3. The set would be tied three more times before the Lady Wildcats went up 11-8 as the first timeout was called. Four more unanswered El Dorado points led Collegiate Coach Amanda Savage to call an immediate second timeout, but it had little effect as the Wildcats would go up 20-10 before their opponent could make a dent in their deficit. El Dorado would call the next timeout of the game leading 20-14.

The Lady Wildcats held Collegiate to only four more points in the set, winning 25-18.

In the third and final set of the night, Lexee Hughey and Erin Wranosky would each have two kills to contribute to a 10-5 lead going into the first timeout of the night. El Dorado would score four unanswered points out of the break, holding Collegiate to just a few more points before the next timeout was called with El Dorado up 13-9. The Lady Wildcats would outscore their opponent 4-2 before yet another timeout was called at the 18-11 mark.

El Dorado went on to win set three 25-19.



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