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Landfill to charge for commercial disposal of limbs, tree waste

EL DORADO – Businesses will now have to pay in order to dispose of limbs and other tree waste at the Butler County Landfill.

This year alone the landfill has received 3400 tons of tree debris. That is up from 2670 in all of 2016 and 1527 tons from 2013 to 2015. Previously the landfill did not charge for disposing of brush or limbs. Residents will still be able to bring brush to the landfill for free. However, the Solid Waste Management Planning Committee felt the waste was starting to cost the landfill to dispose of.

To offset those disposal costs contractors will be charged $25 per ton with a minimum of $10 per trailer load.

It’s estimated that the fee could bring as much as $30,000 in additional revenue annually to the land fill.

The measure was approved 3-1 by Butler County Commissioners on Tuesday with Ed Myers voting against. He said he felt the fee was too high.



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